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Come read our post in Q3 2017, about our submission to a Viennese newspaper's startup contest; the Heute Startup Contest. Below, an English translation:

"Booking Platform for Austrian Adventurers

We are a team of entrepreneurs who were, and still are, amazed by Austria. The incredible culture, amazing food, and the beauty of its landscape really left an impression on us. We then began thinking about a way that would help more people discover the amazing things that this country has to offer, and this is where we had the idea to build an online platform.

Experio.at is an online platform that helps both travelers and locals alike to experience unique activities, day-trips, courses, and culinary experiences. Using our platform users can easily book these extraordinary activities, and our platform can also be used anywhere by anyone who wants to host their own activities, whatever they may be, and share their passions with others.

There are a few individuals and companies that offer activities and experiences in Austria, which we would consider our competitors, but we know that we can bring something better to the table. With our knowledge, passions, and resources we are launching a marketplace where anyone can create their own experience, become a host, and market their passions or hobbies."

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