A Peer-to-Peer Platform for Booking & Hosting Activities

Peer-to-Peer Payments

The use of the Stellar network eliminates all middlemen and intermediaries, allowing customers to send payments directly to our hosts.

Smart Contracts

Customizable smart contracts handle and automate all transactions on the Experio Platform, ensuring all parties are fairly compensated.

Low Fees

Our network can process 100,000 transactions for around $0.40 in total. This nominal fee allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Fast & 24/7 Payments

Payments on the Experio Platform can always be made and are accepted around the clock. They are settled at an average rate of 3-5 seconds.

What Is Experio?

Experio is a Peer-to-Peer online marketplace that allows travelers and locals to interact with each other, and book and host unique experiences around the world. Using the Stellar Network and its open-source API we are able to connect travelers with hosts and provide secure, cheap and fast transactions between our users. We are a marketplace where anyone can create their own activity, become a host and monetize their passions or hobbies.

We want to make it easy for anyone to buy and sell their own cultural activities and travel experiences on the Experio platform. Our goal is to offer a user friendly web-platform where anyone can offer their own experiences and monetize their passions. Our mission is to inspire and empower people to discover and share unique experiences. We want to provide a seamless and easy to use platform that connects travelers, who want to experience a unique adventure as part of their trip, with local hosts of experiences, who want to share their passions.

Our goal is to become the biggest Peer-to-Peer marketplace of unique travel experiences in the world!

Rewards System & Custom Events

Hosts are rewarded based on their performance. As you continue to successfully process and receive bookings your commission will be lowered. Our 10 Tiered system is an incentive for hosts to continue, and in addition, with each climb up our tiered system, hosts will be rewarded with credits that can be redeemed on the Experio Platform.

Users are also rewarded based on their activities on our platform. You can complete achievements, leave reviews and comments, write blogs, and upload photos or videos of your experiences to earn credits. There are many ways to earn, and the more active you are the more you can receive! These credits can then be used to purchase future bookings, take part in raffles and auctions, and redeem them for prizes.

Want to take part in a group experience, but don’t know people to go with? No problem! You can easily create Open Events, which allow you to pay your share of the experience and wait until someone else publicly joins the group. If nobody joins, you will automatically get a 100% refund. You can also create Private Events and invite your friends to join.

2018 Roadmap

Development of MVP (Platform incl. Activity Upload Feature)

Q1 2018

Beta Testing of Platform

Q2 2018

Research of Experio Payment Processor on Stellar Network

Q3 2018

Release of Whitepaper

Q3 2018

Pre-Seed Funding

Q3 2018

Legal Creation of Experio GmbH & Team Expansion

Q3 2018

Development of Experio Payment Processor

Q4 2018

Marketing Campaign for Hosts & Activity Providers

Q4 2018

Issue of Experio Token (XPT) on Stellar Network

Q4 2018

Web Platform Launch

Q1 2019

Marketing Campaign for Airdrop

Q1 2019

5% Airdrop of Issued XPT to Newly Created Host & User Accounts

Q2 2019

Mobile App Launch

Q3 2019
We are currently in Beta. Interested in learning more?
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